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My name is Oleh Skoropadsky and I write Byzantine icons.
I am Byzantine Catholic (Eastern Rite Catholic) in Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. My church traditions are very rich as they combine Orthodox and Catholic Church traditions and customs, along with ethnic heritage and folklore that assimilated with our faith.

Painting has always been my favorite pastime since I was a kid. As probably any child I often was asked these questions: 'What do you want to do?' 'Why do you want to do it?' 'And finally, how do you want to do it?' These came out to be very essential questions that basically constitute the logic foundation for our purpose in this world. I chose to paint God, Angels and Saints.

My first introduction to Byzantine iconography happened back in 1996 when I was a 17-year-old art college student. I was then studying stain-glass when Mrs. Mila Mina, iconographer from San Diego, CA, came to Lviv, Ukraine, to decorate our church. I offered to volunteer my time to help. Back then I couldn't imagine that iconography would shape up my entire life. I've been writing Byzantine icons for over 25 years now. Many of my works decorate churches, monasteries and private prayer corners in many counties.
About the mission
Over the past 100 years our Church has enriched itself with a great number of martyr saints who deserve to be honored. Every month I dedicate my time to a saint who has not been represented in iconography yet or is rarely depicted.

I work to make sure that the newly canonized saints from the Triumphant Church meet their friends here in our Military Church on earth.

Also, the new beatitudes who are awaiting to be canonized are in my priority list, especially those, who where persecuted by communist regime and did not switch their faith under the fear of death.

A New Icon is coming monthly. Prints are available for purchase from the catalog while custom made icons or murals are available upon request. I accept your list of saint patrons as well. feel free to contact me.
Your commissions help me to create new icons and support in helping make this world a better place.
Byzantine Iconography
Iconography is the only visual art that mystically brings the Triumphant Church to earth for us to pray, communicate, be heard and grow.

God is mystically present in the Bible, as he is present on the icon. While the Word incarnate, speaks to us through the Gospel, He listens to our prayers when we address Him through His image. Having an Icon at home manifests your official invitation of Our Lord to your house, and once you have Him in, He will listen to you as long as you don't forget to talk to Him. The icon is your window to haven.

Your favorite saints who lived a righteous life and persevered all the way through, are there for you as well, so that they could give you a helping hand when you need it. They are a true super hero our children need to follow.
Icon replicas
The icons I offer are 100% custom hand-made and printed one by one separately. The icon is made in a traditional way of the linden board with oak braces. Gesso is made of rabbit skin glue and chalk. Then after linen cloth was glued onto the board and the gesso was applied for 5-7 times, it is washed delicately with a cork tree bar to even the surface of the icon. The preparation work takes about 7 days in order to allow each layer of gesso to dry. After an ornament is raised on the border and halo, the real 23.3/4 K gold is applied onto the background of the icon. The print is then made straight on the board over the gesso and gold, unlike most of the prints that are made on paper or canvas and then glued onto the plywood. It is a UV print that won't bleach under direct sunlight. The detail quality is so sharp, most people will need to use a magnifying glass to see it is a print.

It usually takes up to one month to deliver the icon to the United States from the moment it was commissioned.
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