Easel icons

Most of my icons are written in traditional way on linden wood board with gesso and oak braces, to decorate private prayer corners.
Each board is hand made in a traditional way. Gesso is made out of rabbit skin glue and chalk. After the linen cloth is glued onto the board and the gesso is applied (5-7 times) it is washed with a cork tree bar to even the surface of the icon. The preparation of the board takes about 7 days in order to allow each layer of gesso to dry properly. After the relief ornament has been raised on the border and halo, the real 24K gold is then glued onto the halo and the background of an icon. Less expensive metal leaf instead
of gold is also available optionally. The process of gold leafing is very complicated and would take several pages to explain. It takes a lot of time and patience. Some of the icons in the catalogue are painted with acrylic or oil paint on canvas.

I offer custom written icons on Linden boards with gesso and 23,3/4K gold. The icons come in variety of shapes and sizes.
Byzantine icons of Our Lord & Theotokos
Byzantine icons of Angels and saints
Western tradition sacral art on canvas
More icons
More icons
More icons
Individual hand painted icons are available upon request. Please, feel free to contact me.

In addition, some of these and many other icons on this website are available in special custom made prints on wood panel as portable Icons to enrich your private prayer corner.
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