The icons I offer are 100% custom hand-made and printed one by one separately. They come in variety of shapes, sizes and colors of both frame and background to better match your home interior

Each board is hand made in a traditional way. Gesso is made out of rabbit skin glue and chalk. After the linen cloth is glued onto the board and the gesso is applied (5-7 times) it is washed with a cork tree bar to even the surface of the icon. The preparation of the board takes about 7 days in order to allow each layer of gesso to dry properly. After the relief ornament has been raised on the border and halo, the real 24K gold is then glued onto the halo with metal leaf decorating the frame and in some cases the background of an icon. The process of gold leafing is very complicated and would take several pages to explain. It takes a lot of time and patience. The edges are also

painted by hand, as well as the background of an icon unless it is a metal leaf background. The print is then made straight on the board over the gesso and gold, unlike most of the prints that are made on paper or canvas and then glued on plywood. It is a UV print that won’t bleach under direct sunlight and will last a lifetime. The detail and the quality is so sharp, most people will need to use a magnifying glass. The print makes any large icon look like a miniature in minutes, which significantly reduces the price.
It usually takes up to one month to deliver the icon to the United States from the moment it was commissioned.

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