Here are some examples of my paintings in different churches in Ukraine and in the United States of America. They are done in various techniques using different mediums. Most of these are done with acrylic paint straight on the wall. Some are painted on canvas and then glued on the wall inside the church allowing the correct and precise CAD layouts of the interior. My team and I are able to decorate churches anywhere on the globe. Custom-made murals are available upon request.
Synaxis of sains of Carpato Rus
Cuppola in Tranfiguration Cthedra
in Weston OR
Transfiguration of Our Lord Cathedral in Weston, OR
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you plan to decorate your chapel or church.

In addition, some of these and many other icons on this website are available in prints on wood panel as portable Icons to enrich your private prayer corner.
Прокрутити вгору