Byzantine Handmade Saint Nicolas Icon: A Greek Orthodox Gift for Prayer Corners

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Byzantine Handmade Saint Nicolas Icon: A Greek Orthodox Gift for Prayer Corners
Saint Nicolas Icon: A Sacred Catholic and Orthodox Symbol of Faith

The Saint Nicolas icon is a revered figure in both Catholic and Orthodox Christian traditions. These hand-painted icons hold deep spiritual significance, making them cherished additions to prayer corners, churches, and exceptional religious gifts.

With their intricate details and vibrant colors, the Saint Nicolas icons exemplify the artistic beauty of religious icons. Their presence in prayer corners fosters an atmosphere of reverence and contemplation, becoming focal points for prayer and reflection.

These Byzantine handmade icon replicas resonate deeply with those who appreciate Orthodox icons and the rich symbolism they convey. They hold special value for Greek Orthodox and other Orthodox Christian believers, reflecting shared faith and traditions.

For collectors of Christian icons and individuals seeking to enhance their home or sacred space with religious art, the Saint Nicolas icon is a timeless, culturally significant choice. These icons also make cherished orthodox gifts, emphasizing the enduring faith and devotion of the Catholic and Orthodox traditions.

Embrace the spiritual depth and beauty of the Saint Nicolas icon, whether displayed as a church icon or the centerpiece of your prayer corner. They offer a profound connection to faith and serve as a reminder of the revered legacy of this beloved figure. Commemorate his life and teachings with these exquisite Byzantine handmade icon replicas.

This handmade icon is made in following the ancient and traditional manner incorporating new technologies.

The hand-crafted board is decorated with marquetry on the back side. From there, real 23.3 karat gold is hand-leafed across the background of the icon over the raised gesso ornaments. A less expensive metal leaf instead of gold is also available optionally. Lastly, the icon is replicated straight onto the board over the gold leaf with special UV paint that will not bleach even under direct sunlight. Then, also, artistic touches are made with the artist’s brush in such details as highlights, outlines, and borderline. Each icon is coated with damar varnish, and after drying, it is properly packed in a custom handcrafted velour pouch, wooden gift box, and additional box for shipping. We care that the holy image of your favorite saint is of high quality and can be kept in your family for generations to come.

May it be a blessing and truly a “window into heaven” for you.

This icon available in 2 sizes:
18,2×28 cm – 7×11 inches
40×60 cm – 15,7×23,6 inches.

Available in other shapes and sizes: round, square, rectangle, rectangle with arch.
Handwritten icons are also available, Please, contact us directly.


Gold, Metal leaf


28×18, 60×40


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